Simplified costs management


Costs litigation can be expensive, protracted and complex. We are committed to clarity in reporting, the distillation of arguments that carry the most value, and to driving solutions that either avoid the court process or use it to the best effect.

Rapid response

We are able to offer a fast and effective response because our teams are used to working with complex material and have the right mix of technical and niche legal know-how. This enables us to achieve faster turnaround times relative to the amount of costs under review.

Meaningful insights

We are able to add value by condensing large and complex costs data down to more manageable and digestible summaries, dashboards and reports. This approach enables our clients to provide instructions with confidence which aids early settlement and focuses written advocacy when the court process becomes necessary.
Advice and Advocacy

Our advocacy is succinct and our advice is clear

Budget Compilation

We compile clear budgets that are easily understood


We ensure that your recovery is maximised

Practico is an invaluable member of a litigation team – really knowledgeable, responsive and helpful.
Clare Reffin
Barrister, One Essex Court

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