Strategic costs support

Providing support

We provide strategic and practical support whenever high stakes litigation encompasses discrete costs issues. We are project oriented but our work is underpinned by consistent methodology and processes. We aim to demystify costs assessment and budgeting issues.

Spearheading change

We have been doing this a long time (25 years as Practico and legacy Ellis Grant) and we have never been afraid to think differently. It was our technical initiative to devise new standards for costs reporting and electronic bills in the English law jurisdiction.

Rethinking costs

We have invested in skills to improve the presentation of costs data for our clients and the courts. Our use of data visualisations is unique in the costs field. While we never lose sight of the primary need to solve our clients’ problems, we continue to rethink and improve the way costs are explained and presented.
Practico offer a commercially minded practical approach to costs disputes – what more would you want?
PJ Kirby QC
Barrister, Hardwicke