New Format Bill of Costs

From our involvement in the Jackson Review Steering Committee under Jeremy Morgan QC and its successor the Hutton Committee, Practico’s expertise and ideas have been integral to progressing the new format bill of costs. The focus of the Committee was to develop a new bill of costs that enables the presentation of time spent by practitioners on civil litigation in a consistent, standardised and recognised industry manner. The emphasis being on the utilisation of standard time recording codes (‘J Codes’).

We are therefore very pleased to announce that the Civil Procedure Rules Committee has now approved the revised Practice Direction 51L to implement the new bill of costs. The scheme will initially be voluntary, commencing on 1 October 2016, becoming compulsory one year later on 1 October 2017 – further details await the 86th Update to the CPR.

The Senior Courts Costs Office is committed to the new bill of costs and we hope to see the Costs Office enthusiastically processing those Bills of Costs submitted using the new format. In any event, we would encourage law firms to consider early adoption, thereby ensuring that your law firm is rehearsed and at ease with using the new bill of costs ahead of it becoming mandatory.

Practico can assist law firms through consultancy on how best to implement task and activity recording, the long term use and implementation of the new Bill of Costs and ensuring its integration with law firms’ existing internal processes and software. We are also here assist in managing a law firm’s costs in all cases using the new bill of costs, or on a more ad hoc basis

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